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Privacy Law

Justice AP Shah's report on Privacy

04 February 2013    Author: Aishani Gupta

16th October, 2012 saw a remarkable step ahead in terms of privacy legislation. A Committee headed by J. AP Shah took out a 92 page report dealing comprehensively with the law of privacy across jurisdictions. The object of this report was to provide recommendations on the right to privacy in the context that the information...

ABC v. Police Commissioner

25 March 2013    Author: Aishani Gupta

The question that arises with respect to privacy in the digital age is what information is truly private. The answer to our mind is this, whatever you want to keep private will be private. The right gives an individual the liberty to determine the spheres of interaction that they wish to have with other people. This right is...

Privacy and CCTV surveillance

02 July 2013    Author: Anagh Tiwari

It has rightly been said by William Shakespeare- “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” However, in today’s generation it is the technology which is used that categorize something as good or bad, with the advent of newer and faster mediums of disseminating information, technology can be said to be on...

Security and Privacy on Cloud - [Part 1]

25 November 2013    Author: Smitha HS

Security and Privacy on Cloud - 1

Understanding the legal issues in cloud computing, it becomes clear that security and privacy of data hosted on the cloud is of paramount concern. The very the technology of cloud computing makes it inherently vulnerable. In this article we attempt to understand the privacy and security...