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An application for trade-mark may be considered abandoned if the applicant does not take steps to complete the process or its use is deliberately discontinued. An application for Industrial design will be considered abandoned if the applicant fails to reply within the specified time to any report that sets out objections to...


A brief summary of an invention, book or periodical to help in quickly identifying its key features.

Abuse of patent

Abusing one's patent rights means failing to make one's invention commercially available in India by unreasonably restricting trade or by adversely affecting the international transfer of technology


The question of acceleration is often raised in construction contracts. The contractor sometimes demands payment of an amount higher than that stipulated in the contract, on the ground that prices of materials have increased, or that the charges of labour have increased or that the tax burden has gone up. However, unless the...

Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual

refers to a general guide for identifications of goods and services that are acceptable to the USPTO for inclusion in trademark applications and registrations.


Publication of a trade-mark application in the Trade-marks Journal. Details are published to allow opportunity for challenges to the application (opposition). 


Acknowledgement by the Trade-marks Office that an application is eligible for registration. The applicant receives a "Notice of Allowance" (not the same as "Certificate of Registration"). 


An applet is a software component, usually written in the Java programming language, which can be included in another program, say an HTML page, much in the same way as an image that is included in a web page. Applets, unlike full-fledged Java applications, cannot access certain resources on the local computer, such as files...


The person(s) or organisation(s) making the application. The person(s) or organisation(s) making the application.


The formal request for registration of intellectual property. 

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