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Earlier Invention

An invention which was made prior to the one in question


A discretely claimed component of a patent claim.


A manner in which an invention can be made, used, practiced or expressed.

Enforceability of Patent

The right of the patent owner to bring an infringement suit against a party who, without permission, makes use or sells the claimed invention. The period of enforceability of a patent is the length of the term of the patent plus six years under the statute of limitations for brining an infringement action.


Refers to a store, shop, or any similar place of business open to the general public for the primary purpose of selling goods or services in which the majority of the gross square feet of space that is non-residential are used for that purpose, and in which non-dramatic musical works are performed publicly. 

Ex Aequo Et Bono

Refers to the Latin phrase meaning "according to the right and good." It is often used to describe the ability of arbitrators to dispense with the law and use their conscience to determine what is fair and equitable for the matter in front of them. 

Ex Parte Re-examination

A re-examination based on a request by a third-party and not the patent owner; the third party may not participate in the ex parte proceedings beyond the filing of a reply to the patent owner’s statement (if such statement is filed); no other reply or submission by a third party will be considered in an ex parte...

Examination Trademarks

The process through which the Trade-marks Office determines whether an application for trade-mark is registrable. 


A provision in a copyright law permitting the use of a work by defined user groups without the consent of its creator or without the payment of royalties, conditions that would normally constitute an infringement of copyright. Examples of user groups benefitting from exceptions are educational institutions, libraries,...

Electronic Form

A computer-based version of a paper form.

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