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Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

An international treaty on intellectual property signed by some 90 nations, including India. 

Passing Off

Passing off is an actionable wrong, in which a person passes off his goods as the goods of another. At present it is also applicable to various forms of unfair trading where such activities cause damage or injury to the goodwill associated with the activities of another person: Bata India Ltd v. Pyare Lal. 

Patent Application Information Retrieval System (PAIRS)

A system that conveys information on patent application status; there is both a public and a private facet to the system; Public PAIR only displays issued or published application status; Private PAIR provides secure access for customers who want to view their current application status electronically on the web.

Patent examiner

An official with technical expertise charged with the task of classifying a patent or an application, or of determining whether a patent application fulfills the requirements for a grant of patent. 

Patent Family

A set of patents taken out in various countries intended to protect a single invention by an inventor in multiple countries.

Patent Misuse

Refers to an affirmative defense used in patent litigation when a defendant has been accused to have infringed a patent.

Patent Office Action

An official written communication by the Indian Patent Office on the merits of an application. 

Patent Office

India's patent granting authority and disseminator of patent information. 

Patent pending

A label sometimes affixed to new products informing others that the inventor has applied for a patent and that legal protection from infringement (including retroactive rights) may be forthcoming. 

Patent Thicket

A dense web of overlapping intellectual property rights that a company must hack its way through in order to actually commercialize new technology.

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