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Quad Erat Demonstrandum

Latin for "which was to be demonstrated or proved." 

Quad Erat Faciendum

Is Latin for "which was to be done." 

Quad Non Fuit Negatum

Is a Latin phrase meaning "which was not denied." It is used to describe a movement or argument that is not controverted by the court. 

Quad Partitio Fiat

Is a Latin phrase meaning "that partition be made." Quad partitio fiat is a order or judgment granting a partition

Quare Executionem Non

 Is Latin for "why execution should not be issued." 

Quasi Dicat

Refers to the Latin phrase "as if he should say." 


Refers to a release of a right or claim. 


Refers the minimum number of members required to be present for an entity 

Quovis modo

Is Latin for "whatever manner."