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Universal Copyright Convention

A country that is party to the Universal Copyright Convention, adopted on September 6, 1952 in Geneva, Switzerland, or to that convention as revised in Paris, France, on July 24, 1971. 

Useful Article

Refers to an article having an intrinsic utilitarian function that is not merely to portray the appearance of the article or to convey information. An article that is normally a part of a useful article is considered a "useful article". 

Utility Model

An intellectual property right to protect inventions

Utility Patent

Granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture or compositions of matters or any new useful improvements thereof

UDP: User Datagram Protocol

It refers to one of the protocols for data transfer that is part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols. UDP is a “stateless” protocol in that UDP makes no provision for acknowledgement of packets received. 


It refers to a computer operating system (the basic software running on a computer, underneath things like word processors and spreadsheets). UNIX is designed to be used by many people at the same time (it is multi-user) and has TCP/IP built-in. It is the most common operating system for servers on the Internet. 

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

It is the standard way to give the address of any resource on the Internet that is part of the World Wide Web (WWW). A URL looks like this:  The most common way to use a URL is to enter it inside a WWW browser programme, such as Netscape, or Lynx. 


A world-wide system of discussion groups, with comments passed among hundreds of thousands of machines. Not all USENET machines are on the Internet, maybe half. USENET is completely decentralized, with over 10,000 discussion areas, called newsgroups.

UUENCODE: Unix to Unix Encoding

it refers to a method for converting files from Binary to ASCII (text) so that they can be sent across the Internet via e-mail.